Teak Wood Crafts from Indonesia

Teak wood crafts from Indonesia. Handmade home decors and ornaments made of teak wood with timber taken from goverment owned teak plantations. Teak wood handicrafts made in Indonesia. Export quality, direct from factory in Indonesia.

We are able to supply you with various teak wood homeware and furniture. Send us email with a brief introduction of your company or business, we will then email you back with our product catalog and pricing. If you need the following products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Teak wood bowls
  • Teak wood plates
  • Teak wood chopping boards (cutting boards)
  • Teak root wood table
  • Teak wood mushrooms

Teak wood is tropical hardwood, known for its durability. Teak wood is used for outdoor construction, boats, furniture, wood crafts and other wood projects. Teak is native to South East Asia and planted in many countries including in Africa. Teak is termite and pest resistant, even without oil or varnish. The majority of teak plantations found in Java Indonesia. Owned and managed by state owned forest company. Most of them for outdoor teak furniture for export.

To order our products, please contact us by filling form below or send directly to our Gmail address, see photo above for our Gmail address. You are welcome to chat with us on WhatsApp

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