Teak Wood Spoons from Indonesia

Wooden spoons made of teak wood from Indonesia. Cooking utensils and accessories for your kitchen. Handmade using teak wood. Durable, unique and beautiful. Wide range of kitchen tool set including wooden spatula, cooking spoons, forks and also dining tools. Kitchen essentials made of real solid teak wood.

Teak wood cutlery or tableware and dinnerware made of unique teak root wood. Wide range of reusable natural wood flatware for cooking and eating. Full range of wooden spoons for your daily use to eat wide range of food. Use it to eat with your rice, soup, dessert etc.

Eco friendly teak spoons and forks made of safe and durable teak wood. Non-stick, easy to clean and lightweight which convenient for picnic or traveling. Suitable to use at home, school or office.

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